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'Holt on Film'

Over the first six months of 2021 we have been working to create a film about Holt and its history. A short trailer can be viewed here. The film is 30-minutes long, or there abouts, and has been described, by those who have already seen it, as 'Fabulous', 'Wonderful', 'Outstanding' with some saying that 'it got me looking at the buildings in a way I had never done before'.

Steve Benson

The film introduces the viewer to the Town outlining its many attractions that make it so unique and popular with both locals and tourists. Then our very own historian, raconteur and thespian Steve Benson takes you, the viewer on 'A Stroll through Georgian Holt'. There are glimpses of the past and as you would expect from Steve, plenty of stories and tales about life in historic Holt. Putting all these onto film will ensure that they will continue to be seen and heard by future generations - just as history should. Towards the end of the film, we invite people to explore Holt further via the 'Love Holt' website and as an alternative to our 'Stroll' to consider the Owl Trail.

It is anticipated that the film will appeal to a wide audience, including current and future residents, those who have moved away and still have a place in their hearts for Holt, as well as the wider tourist community. The film is, at around 30 minutes, hopefully short enough to also be watched by those who, through age, infirmity or dementia are unable to easily stroll around the town but who would like to keep in touch with its history and development.

Click here to watch the film

Thank you and we hope you enjoy 'A Stroll through Georgian Holt'.

©The film is copyrighted and has a Production Music Licence from the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society Ltd. (no. LMGR-0022062). The film is also deposited with The East Anglian Film Archive and may not be used for commercial purposes.