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The Hidden World beneath Holt

Do you live within Holt's Conservation area? If so, this will be of interest to you especially if you happen to have a cellar (open or filled in)!

Holt has a wealth of Georgian properties beneath which, in some cases, lays a cellar or indeed a kitchen, either of which could well pre-date the structure above ground. Some lay undiscovered, as was the case with the one recently exposed in Star Plain, some are used on a daily basis, whilst others are full of 'treasures' too precious to sell or throw away. This world, hidden from view, has immense value to our town as it can, in many cases, add to and enrich our understanding of Holt's history.

The Holt Society, with the help of some of the more established surveyors in the town, are launching a project to endeavour to record the details of these cellars, within the Holt Conservation area, for future reference. The intention is to work with the owners to record the stories associated with their cellar, its size and structure, along with any features that may shine a light on possible past uses. We know, for instance that one cellar extended way beyond its current length and once housed a rifle range! Another has clear charred evidence of the fire in 1708.

To maintain their own privacy when recording the details, owners will be able to have their actual locations withheld from public view.

The Society is now seeking owners / occupiers of buildings, within the Holt Conservation area, who either have a current cellar or one that was previously 'filled in'. If you ae one of these fortunate people, do please contact us in order that one of our members, with the owner's permission may gather the information in order that it can be recorded. The details will be held securely on a database by The Society and made available, with the owners' consent, to historians and research bodies. If you have a cellar, we would love to hear from you. Please either send your name, address and contact details to The Holt Society, 23 Cromer Road, Holt NR25 6EU, email to or click the link here.