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Premier Store, 2 Market Place, Holt - Installation of replacement fascia and window vinyl and retention of three lanterns


Welcome to the campaigns homepage. The Holt Society encourages its members to take responsible action and get involved. So if you are concerned about a planning, colour or design issue please bring it to our attention or raise it through the Council's Planning Department.

Barclays signage - update

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Make your voice heard

What feature would you change in Holt?

Whenever we make representation to the North Norfolk District Planning Department we act on your behalf. That means we are the voice for over 250 people. But this counts for only one 'vote' for or against a proposed development - so your views could be under-represented!

The total number of comments appears to be important in the decision-making process so please make your own individual comments known to the planners. If you use the Internet this is straightforward; access the weekly list of applications at the NNDC website Planning and Design page. Follow the links to the end and you will find a place for your comments. We will also publish on this website those planning applications which we think will be of interest to members and where we feel a public lobby would be useful. The weekly lists are also held at the reception desk of the Council Offices in Cromer.

You can also report a Planning Enforcement Breach on line by following this link.

Remember: individual protest carries weight.