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River Glaven & Natural Surroundings, Bayfield Estate

Wednesday 4th September 2.30pm

Natural Surroundings

For something rather different, we have arranged a visit to the River Glaven at Natural Surroundings on the Bayfield Estate. For over ten years the River Glaven Conservation Group has managed a series of projects on the river to improve its water quality and habitats. This will be an opportunity to hear about them and to take a short walk to see the river.

Afterwards, Simon and Anne Harrap will provide tea at Natural Surroundings, their wildlife garden centre on the Bayfield Estate, where there will be an opportunity to buy plants and wildlife items.

Transport by own car please let Catherine Hume know if you need a lift.

Start 2.30pm. Cost £8. To book, contact Catherine Hume at or on 01263 715784. Payment must be in advance.

Bayfield Estate