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Escapades in Holt

An exciting new children's book flies onto the bookshelves. Based on historic stories about the town, and illustrated in full colour, we meet a humorous and quirky cast of characters who weave in and out of the pages following Olly the owl, the town mascot. And while the eye is immediately captivated by the stylish and quirky illustrations, children will be hooked into the story lines which are written in rhyme. Young children enjoy the pleasure of hearing rhyming words and then repeating them aloud, especially if the stories are mischievous!

Escapades Cover

'ESCAPADES IN HOLT' is designed to encourage local families and visitors to explore the town via a trail and brings history to life. The imaginary characters walk - or fly - through recognisable buildings and street scenes. The accessible modern square format is designed to carry around easily. The stories are real page turners, but are full of imaginative visual details and hidden little creatures, such as snails and crabs, but also a run-away bull and a pirate bird.

Published by The Holt Society, the book is intended to 'make history come alive' for the young generation of Holt. Keeping the price low at £4.99 makes it accessible to as many children as possible. Any profits from sales will be used to distribute free copies to school libraries, children's hospitals and hospices in Norfolk so all can enjoy Olly's escapades.

The high quality of writing and design has been made possible by committed individuals (Lynda Turbet and Susan Williams), and a professional illustrator (Andy Ward) wanting to support this project. The idea was based on a Norwich book initiative featuring a dragon in Dragon Hall who suddenly comes to life. It was spotted by Lindsay Furniss, who asked 'why don't we do something similar in Holt?' And with the blessing of the Norwich project, we now have our very own Olly.

Available from The Holt Bookshop, Bakers & Larners, The Owl Tearooms, Pensthorpe Natural Park, The Tannery or contact us direct at

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