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Georgian Holt

Colour and Texture

Colours used in the Georgian period ranged widely from deep saturated colours to lighter tones. The common characteristic is a palette of subtle, blended colours which absorb the light and create harmonious rich textures. The keywords here are blended and matt. Many contemporary paint manufacturers produce a wide range of 'heritage' colours which reproduce these effects. Many corporations and global brands also adapt their corporate signage on historic heritage buildings and in conservation areas.

The Holt Society's Millennium sign in Appleyard was devised by Michael Barrett (1949-2002) local historian and active member of the Holt Society, and hand-painted by well known local sign maker, Basil Huggins of Fakenham, using traditional materials and Georgian inspired colours and lettering. Many shop fronts in Holt have specially hand-painted signs which contribute to the personality of the business and the attractiveness of the street. Others have chosen mass production techniques but have used colour and lettering sensitively to blend with the surrounding buildings. Crude use of colour, shiny texture-less surfaces, insensitive typography and overly dominant signage simply degrade our visual environment. Holt deserves better.